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Audience of Candesca

We are so grateful to our audiences and our mutual love of music. Always striving to be the best versions of ourselves and masters of our craft, we would love to hear from you. Please take this opportunity to share your music preferences and where you would like to experience it. We will do our best to accommodate your ideas and suggestions.


Where do you prefer to attend concerts by the ensemble? Do you enjoy outdoor venues like parks or gardens, traditional concert halls, or perhaps more unconventional spaces like art galleries or historic buildings?

When it comes to the timing of Candesca's concerts, what do you prefer? Are you a fan of daytime performances in the sun, evening concerts under the stars or maybe you enjoy more intimate late-night shows in cozy settings?

What type of repertoire do you particularly enjoy hearing Candesca perform? Are you more drawn to classical masterpieces, contemporary compositions, or crossover genres blending different styles, or do you have a preference for specific historical periods or musical traditions?

Is there a specific piece or song that you have not yet heard Candesca perform, but you believe would be magical in their interpretation? Whether it's a hidden gem, a popular classic, or a modern hit, share your thoughts on what you would love to experience live from the ensemble.

In your opinion, what makes a concert by Canesca truly unforgettable? Is it the venue, the repertoire, the atmosphere, the musicians' performance, or perhaps a combination of all these elements? Feel free to share your insights on what makes a live musical experience truly special to you as an audience member.

Thank you so much for your ideas and suggestions!

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